The Psalms in Color (Coloring Book)

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The book of Psalms is featured in this beautifully crafted The Psalms in Color Coloring Book. The pages include a variety of delightful patterns, designs, motifs, and ink drawings that incorporate Scripture from the Psalms. Rejoice in the songs of praise while you put color to the pages to create your unique work of art.

The cover of the coloring book is filled with purple and blue flowers and butterflies where lavish applications of spot-varnish and silver foil accents add sheen and elegance. The title is partially printed in purple and accented in silver foil.

The Psalms in Color Coloring Book

Reflect Relax Rejoice

The book is bound in heavy-duty stock paper and features 128 perforated pages with 62 images to color. At least 7 of these pages include smaller cards, bookmarks, and gift tags you can color, cut out, and give away.

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